Kids at the Bar, John Bourke

June 9, 2008 by

automatic panic

kids at the bar

Kids At The Bar are slowly sneaking in to the electro ocean and are about to make a huge splash. These two Oklahoma boys are helping keep the central states on the music map. Check out this remix they did in 3 days for the Cryptonites contest. Banger fans watch out, viagra buy KATB will be taking over your iPods soon.

Cryptonites – Can’t Give You Up (Kids At The Bar Remix)

We’ve also got a new fun edit from Trash Yourself & Dance Robots, Dance! member, John Bourke

John Bourke – Hoes Get Down And Shake It (edit) [YSI]


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  1. Garistotle says:

    I thought kids weren’t allowed at bars.

  2. bakabakachan says:

    Can you post the kids at the bar remix of dot dot dot by el paso hot button?????

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