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Welcome back!

Hey, guess who’s back after a little break from the blog for no reason? Yup, it’s me! Life got in the way for a bit, but I’m bouncing back hopefully. Missed me? Let’s just get the dance party started again.

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Guilt Chip – Machine Language

The sonic embodiment of avant-garde futurism, Guilt Chip’s innovative blend of soaring soundscapes, intricate rhythms and cerebral basslines evoke an uncertain metropolis of tomorrow, far removed from the mundane and corporatized present. A truly captivating experience, Guilt Chip’s music immerses the listener in a world of cyborg dreams, where complex textures and haunting melodies collide with ethereal tones and explosive percussion.

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Adiidas is one of my favorite newcomers in the bass music scene. A wonderful blend of trap and weird bass music, Adiidas fits perfect in a club or festival setting for when things start getting weird.

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YDG & Ohmy drop their banger HIT ME on the Trap City / Far East Movement label, Bred’n’Butter, this past week and it’s catching fire.

Ohmy also recently released their future track, Halfway Home, that goes hard in the second drop

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Ohmy have been dropping bomb after bomb these past few weeks. From official remixes for Watch The Duck ft Steve Aoki to Flo Rida, their new track CLICK BAIT was just released today and they seem to have no sign of stopping. Check out CLICK BAIT and the rest of their stuff at

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PrototypeRaptor + Rule of Eight

Rule of Eight is making a mighty comeback lately, and it’s about time. Taking PrototypeRaptor’s nu-80s french electro house single and throwing his own clubby techno twist to the mix makes me want to take a trip down a palm tree lined street, driving into the sunset in my Testarossa.

The track is a free download on Soundcloud so go get it now!

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The Wombats + Love Thy Brother

Accidentally came across this track while browsing the soundclouds and instantly fell in love. It’s dark, it’s dancey, it’s bloghousey, it’s just good. I haven’t listened to The Wombats in quite a while and I’m not too familiar with Love Thy Brother but now I’ll be pulling out my old The Wombats tracks again and will be downloading all the Love Thy Brother stuff.

CARPET remixes

Rule of Eight + Pass the 40

Rule of Eight made a great comeback recently with his track ‘Carpet’ and has just released a remix pack featuring remixes from The Hi-Yahs, Pass The 40 & Cache Money. You can download all the remixes on the No Parents No Rules soundcloud and while you’re there, check out all the other fine releases!


Wednesdays are for freedom

It’s another Wednesday, which happens to be my favorite day of the week. We’re also coming up on my 2nd favorite holiday of the year – Independence Day! There’s nothing wrong with celebrating our country’s freedom by blowing stuff up and drinking cheap beers!

I’ve gathered a nice collection of tracks that will help you get through the summer heat of this day, as it is working for me right now