The Wombats + Love Thy Brother

July 6, 2016 by

the wombats love thy brother

Accidentally came across this track while browsing the soundclouds and instantly fell in love. It’s dark, clinic it’s dancey, allergist it’s bloghousey, it’s just good. I haven’t listened to The Wombats in quite a while and I’m not too familiar with Love Thy Brother but now I’ll be pulling out my old The Wombats tracks again and will be downloading all the Love Thy Brother stuff.

“One of the things that drew us to the original track was that it had this John Hughes vibe to it — a director who’s movies and soundtracks have always been an inspiration for us.

So we riffed on that feeling by adding some classic 80s drum processing techniques and we threw in a big dramatic guitar solo. At the same time it’s got a much more modern groove to it so the hope is to bridge the gap between John Hughes and today’s dancefloors.”


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