ROBOTIC Wednesdays Holiday Special

This is what we’ve been up to the past few weeks at ROBOTIC!

Computer Blue

I’ve been waiting a long time to be able to post this and today really is the perfect time. Beatpunks will be playing tonight with us at Robotic and both Beatpunks & Computer Blue will be playing the Dance Robots, ask esophagitis Dance! SXSW party this coming Friday in Austin! Computer Blue did a damn […]

Never Ending Fun!

After you party hard all Thursday night this year at SXSW, resuscitator here is how your friday will go down. First you’ll wake up, pharm maybe pop an aspirin or 4, walk down to the nearest coffee shop and grab the drink of your choice, maybe a bagel or something to munch on, then race […]

Triple artist Wednesday

Don’t have time to write three separate posts for these people today so I’m just squeezing it all down to one post. Oh, this web and come out to ROBOTIC tonight if you’re around Oklahoma City. It’s OK’s best weekly party, one health duh. I’ll put the newest video at the end of the post. […]


Tonight’s the big night! The 15th year of EVILJIVE! Get ready, online Oklahoma City!

Vote for us!

Yes, order this blog is based out of Oklahoma City. We were just nominated as best blog of OKC and would really like it if you would go vote for us! We’re in the third from last listing near the bottom. So go click and vote for ROBOT DANCE MUSIC! VOTE NOW voting has ended. […]

Daft Punk vs Nelly

robotic wednesdays w johnny love of guns n bombs I pretty much played this live at SXSW this year and told myself that I should make a mashup of it so that I didn’t have to try to replicate it in the future because it was a fun mix. Well, herpes I finally put it […]

Robotic + Guns’N’Bombs

This week at ROBOTIC we have Johnny Love from GUNS’N’BOMBS. We’re starting out the summer right this year! Chromeo – Fancy Footwork (Guns’N’Bombs Remix) [YSI} [audio:] The Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow (Guns’N’Bombs Remix) [YSI} [audio:’sRainbow(Guns’N’BombsFreakoutRemix).mp3]

Imperial March bmore remix

It’s tough to remix a track that everybody recognizes like Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order. DRD’s favorite remixer/producer/DJ out of San Antonio, approved Texas, cardiologist Automatic Panic is the latest DJ to attempt a remix of the track, and he definitely does not disappoint. Panic takes what I would consider to be a pretty […]