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Welcome back!

Hey, guess who’s back after a little break from the blog for no reason? Yup, it’s me! Life got in the way for a bit, but I’m bouncing back hopefully. Missed me? Let’s just get the dance party started again.

Die For You Dabin remix1

Dabin Drops Valorant Live Set & Remix

Dabin has been on a roll lately with a few big projects. His opening ceremony performance for Valorant’s France tournament was absolutely incredible and it gave way to the producer’s official remix of the game’s anthem “Die For You.” On top of that, he just dropped his Between Broken Remixes LP too!


Zzz – The Cost ft. YGTUT (prod. by KEEM.THE.CIPHER)

Zzz has done it again with his most recent single “The Cost” featuring flow from rising Tennessee rapper, YGTut. Seattle’s Zzz has been blowing up in the past 7 months with a raspy flow that only spits real lyrics. If you haven’t heard of these guys definitely check out the project and this single ASAP.


Model 86

“When You Realise People Are Not One Dimensional Characters In A Movie Of Your Life” is the hilarious title of the up-and-coming, London based, experimental electronic producer Model 86’s new EP. This ones chock-full of enticing elements that are sure to tickle your ears for weeks to come. Give these tracks a listen and get to know Model 86.

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Goldwash – Malady

Talk about vibes… “Malady” exemplifies the direction of modern music I’m looking for. The meaningful songwriting and intricate synth work soothes my ears.

Updates N Stuff

Hey everyone! Just a quick update to the site tonight. I finally, more about after 4 years of the iPhone existing, symptoms changed our audio plugin to an HTML5 one so you can stream the tracks straight from your phone. Ta-da! I’ve quickly changed over some of the most recent posts, malady but it will […]

SXSW 2011

So, viagra sale psychiatrist that time of year is once again upon us. The 4-5 days of drinking, anesthetist dancing, eating tacos and… well, more drinking, and that’s about it. SXSW is almost here! Here are a couple things that we are part of and you should come to! We’ll be posting more soon! I’m […]


It’s Wednesday, this and you know what that means… time for ROBOTIC! It’s resident djs (Kids At The Bar, for sale Crystal Vision & Ed Crunk) only tonight so get ready to go crazy with us! High fives all around! And for just in case you haven’t seen the video from our underwear party the […]

Good afternoon USA!

This is what we’ve been up to the past few weeks at ROBOTIC! I had a long post written up yesterday but never attached the songs to it and posted it. So I just deleted everything I typed and am starting over fresh! I ignored the blog too much last week and there’s way too […]