Happy New Years!

Heyooo I’m back in NYC/BKLN for NYE this year so postings are going to be slim for the next few days. Let me just say that ROBOTIC was craaazy last night. We got shut down at 1am because there were just too many people inside raging and way too many people outside in line still […]

ROBOTIC tonight!

ROBOTIC is going to be nuts tonight. We’ve got so many friends in town for the holidays. Its probably a good thing that 4LOKOS are so hard to find now.

ROBOTIC w/ Star Eyes

This week we have Trouble & Bass’ first lady of bass, order Star Eyes djing with us at ROBOTIC! It’s going to be a speaker-blowing good time! Find out more on the facebook event!


Crystal Vision from Brandon Bales on Vimeo.


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Diamond Life

Robot Dance Records is pleased as punch to announce their newest release. This one coming from OKC/Fayetteville, buy Arkansas group, grip Diamond Life! It’s also being served to you at no price! Get to the downloading! Diamond Life – Want Some More by Robot Dance Records Diamond Life – Want Some More (BEATpUNKS Remix) by […]


This Friday sees the return of Oklahoma City’s craziest halloween dance party. EVILJIVE! This is the 16th year that the party will take place. 16 years! This is the 5th year that we have run the party. In the past 5 years we have had some awesome guests play with us: VHSorBETA, erectile Protokoll, sick […]


Well, gerontologist it’s been a crazy ride these past few years. ROBOTIC has given me some of the best memories for the rest of my life every week. 4 years of memories. 4 years of madness. I never would have thought that such a little party would grow in to one of the biggest and […]

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