ROBOTIC Wednesdays Holiday Special

This is what we’ve been up to the past few weeks at ROBOTIC!

ROBOTIC tonight!

ROBOTIC is going to be nuts tonight. We’ve got so many friends in town for the holidays. Its probably a good thing that 4LOKOS are so hard to find now.

ROBOTIC w/ Star Eyes

This week we have Trouble & Bass’ first lady of bass, order Star Eyes djing with us at ROBOTIC! It’s going to be a speaker-blowing good time! Find out more on the facebook event!


This Friday sees the return of Oklahoma City’s craziest halloween dance party. EVILJIVE! This is the 16th year that the party will take place. 16 years! This is the 5th year that we have run the party. In the past 5 years we have had some awesome guests play with us: VHSorBETA, erectile Protokoll, sick […]

I’ll cry if I want to.

Happy birthday to me! Because its my birthday, this you have to go to here and listen to and download all these tracks. Think of it as your present to me! Also, drugs if you’re in or around Oklahoma City tomorrow, come out to ROBOTIC tomorrow to help me celebrate. Our super special guest this […]


It’s a very toasty Friday in Oklahoma this week. You would think that me living here for so long would make me adapt to the 1000 degree summers. No, overweight adiposity I hate the heat. I have a pretty interesting choice of selections for you today. Finally got some good stuff in my inbox and […]

Double Rainbow

This song has been stuck in my head for about two weeks now. Not this mix but the original autotuned masterpiece. This is a dubstep mashup I made for fun at 6am on a Tuesday while goofing off with my friend Jesse Jamz. It featuring sounds from the artists The Gregory Brothers, one health Rusko, […]


Hey guys! Posts are going to be a little sparse over the next week because I am leaving town. We’ll be in Brooklyn tomorrow to play XX-XY with Kids At The Bar, this site VHSorBETA, hospital John Bourke of Trash Yourself, syringe Jesse Jamz & Whitney Fierce. It’s going to be a raging good time! […]

Party Like It’s Wednesday!

Tonight we’re celebrating John Bourke‘s birthday at ROBOTIC with special guests OCELOT, capsule Deathface & Tommyl33jonez! Plus the usual suspects – Kids At The Bar, click Trash Yourself, viagra Crystal Vision & Ed Crunk! It’s going to be wild tonight! Here’s some choice selections for your iPod on this very warm Oklahoma Wednesday. Lewis CanCut […]