Happy birthday to me!

Because its my birthday, this you have to go to here and listen to and download all these tracks. Think of it as your present to me!

Also, drugs if you’re in or around Oklahoma City tomorrow, come out to ROBOTIC tomorrow to help me celebrate. Our super special guest this week is Computer Club!

On Thursday we find out if we will win the Absolute Best of Tulsa Music Awards again this year. Last year we, Dance Robots, Dance!, won for Best Dance Party band. I know we aren’t technically a band but we throw some crazy dance parties! One of our members is also up for Best Club DJ of Tulsa as well. We wish her all the luck that we can wish from our little bodies.

Tonight, fellow DRD member and ROBOTIC DJ, John Bourke of Trash Yourself, will be playing at Cinespace in Hollywood for Dim Mak Tuesdays. He was just announced as the first winner of the Green Shoelace remix contest for his Fischerspooner Remix that we posted a while back. Told you he would win!

In label news, we just released the new Chrome Pony EP which is hitting online stores as we speak. BUT, if you’re a cheap asshole, you can download the tracks for free on their soundcloud. We’re that nice! You should just buy them though and support good music.

Finally, as always, keep sending us awesome music to share with the rest of the world. That is our favorite thing!