Automatic Panic + MSTRKRFT

June 2, 2008 by


Just letting everyone know that we’re going to be moving hosts this week. probably tonight.
I have been getting a ton of new stuff from people that i have been wanting to post but i’m waiting until we make the move to do that.

automatic panic

I have heard people say they sold out, medicine and that it is total shit. At the same time I hear people say they love it, doctor and they full album will be way sick. Myself, well I dig it. I mean it makes the babes move, which makes the dudes move…

Lucky for everyone DRD‘s favorite Automatic Panic became buddies with JFK of MSTRKRFT sometime ago and has done what seems to be the 1st real remix of bounce (i got like 2 edits, but that shit ain’t legit) Auto keeps it dirty, at takes out all the shit “camp bug-a-lu” vocals.

so here is in its 320 bit glory!

MSTRKRFT – Bounce (Automatic Panic Remix) [YSI]



  1. IAMSAM says:

    SIIIIICK!!! love it

  2. Shellyluv says:

    Automatic Panic looks hot, oh yes and the remix is too. <3<3

  3. VXN says:


  4. AlishaB says:

    I <3 U ::: kisses :::

  5. JJLoom says:

    Give it up! This shit sux!!!!

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