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Kids At The Bar + Avicii

New remix from my homies Kids At The Bar! It’s the holiday season and a time for giving so they are giving us all their bootleg remix of Avicii’s new track YOU MAKE ME


Warning: a terrible day of the week pun is about to be written. Hey everybody! It’s Tuesday… or should I say TWOsday?! Heyooooooooooooooooooooo I have two very different but very dope songs to share. One from Sun City and the other from Kids At The Bar. Sun City just got the remix treatment from Airwolf […]

Kids At The Bar

It’s my favorite date of the week! Wednesday! If you don’t know why, pharm it’s because it’s Robotic Wednesday! Tonight we have special guests FIGURE & The Bolivian Marchine Affair! Here’s a couple awesome songs to help you wake up and get your day started. I know you all slept in today. Two Door Cinema […]

Mat Zo + Porter Robinson + Kids At The Bar

Big new remix from Kids At The Bar today! Happy early valentines from the boys!

Justice + Kids At The Bar

Arguably one of the best songs of 2008 with an amazing music video to boot. Damn, I love that video. It makes me wonder if kids these days have ever heard this song, or is it something so brand new to them that they think it’s actually brand new? We were all raging hard way […]

Monday’s Here

It’s Monday, price the sun is shining, a north breeze is blowing, fall is in the air! October is here! My favorite month of the year, by far. Speaking of October, it’s about time for the funnest, craziest, most evilest of evil halloween dance parties – EVILJIVE! Believe it or not, this is the 18th […]

It’s Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday, apoplexy so you know what that means! For Oklahoma City that means that it’s ROBOTIC Wednesday! Tonight we’ve got special guests COLD BLANK coming to get buck with us, case along with your favorite resident DJs: Crystal Vision, Kids At The Bar, Ed Crunk & Gosteffects! For today’s post I have a mixed […]

Kids At The Bar + Crystal Vision + The Hi-Yahs

Hey Everybody! I haven’t been able to make any posts in almost a week because I encountered some strange wordpress problem and wasn’t able to log in. I finally fixed it so back to the postings. Here’s two tracks I was wanting to post last week but wasn’t able to. One is the new Crystal […]

Malente + Breakfastklub + Kids At The Bar

It’s Wednesday, check so you know what that means… It means everyone in Oklahoma will be collectively cheering on the Thunder tonight AND us party people will be raging all night at ROBOTIC! One of ROBOTIC’s resident DJs, global burden of disease Kids At The Bar, just had their newest release released for free over […]