Matthew Heyer Fire copy

Matthew Heyer ft. Grace Ackerman – Fire (Radio Edit)

We’re happy to bring to you a new single by producer Matthew Heyer and vocalist Grace Ackerman. “Fire” has the fresh sound of 2017 and there’s something for everyone to get into. From the catchy vocal to the rhythm backing, it’s a polished track and a good listen!


Jef Miles – Bring Me To Life (Feat. Rykka)

I’ve been grooving to Jef Miles latest electronic track all day. The tune, titled “Bring Me To Life,” is arguably one of the duo’s best works to date. With soaring singing from Rykka and an uplifting, euphoric progressive house drop, this one is just screaming to be played on dance floors worldwide. Hit play and […]

Rambo V

RAMBO V – Rincón (Original Mix)

If there’s any two artists to watch out for in the coming year, its Whethan and Oliver Tree. Both had some huge tracks this summer with Whethan’s “Can’t Hide” with Ashe and Oliver’s “Forget It” with Getter, but this new track from the two of them is something else. The track is a unique feel […]

Gazzo Kids

Gazzo feat. Carly Simmons – Kids (MGMT COVER)

Gazzo released a brand new track and I have had this one on repeat all day. This time he has teamed up with Carly Simmons for a cover of MGMT’s “Kids”. With soft beautiful vocals and a progressive type beat you will be all over this one. Stream download below.

Smile sealion

Thursday, Yes!

Its finally here, the day we’ve all been waiting for, Thursday! Put your party hats on; the weekend is almost here, so get ready peeps. Here are some bangers that’ll make the weekend that much better.

Y E S S I R.

sea lion


I just got Air conditioning in my house, and it feels great. If you do not have AC then you’re missing out bruh. Well anyways, I Got some tracks for you guys that will make you feel as cool as my house, so here you go.


harbor seal  belgrade zoo  serbia e1436476580544

Weekend Time

I just finished my last class of the week, and its finally the weekend, which means one thing for me, summer mode. Mojitos on deck!!! In honor of summer mode, here are some tracks to get you swayin like a palm tree. Lets Go.

cutest baby animals 15

Still Hurtin’

What a weekend. I’ve felt like a zombie the last two days and cant seem to figure out why so many people are still in my house…what is life. Even-though the 4th did me dirty I’m still about the turn up, so here you guys go, some more tracks to get bumpy with.


Screen Shot 2015 07 01 at 11.31.40 AM

Megaphonix + Zedd

Megaphonix has been on the up-and-up lately by releasing smash after smash. He’s def got the feel good prog house down that is perfect for every dance festival and I’m sure you’ve all been hearing his tracks out everywhere.

This remix is a followup response to his huge Zedd remix last year