Triple artist Wednesday

December 16, 2009 by

snake and ladders

Don’t have time to write three separate posts for these people today so I’m just squeezing it all down to one post.
Oh, this web and come out to ROBOTIC tonight if you’re around Oklahoma City. It’s OK’s best weekly party, one health duh. I’ll put the newest video at the end of the post.

First up is Valerna. They’ve got a new EP coming out this Friday on Beatport and wanted to give out some samples.

Valerna – Snakes

Valerna – Ladders

Next up is Dan Sena. A new track he’s been sitting on for a while.

Dan Sena – Panther

Last, find but not least of course, is a new Chew Fu refix. He’s got top 40 on lockdown.

Rihanna – Russian Roulette (Chew Fu Black Russian Fix)

Here is the latest video from ROBOTIC WEDNESDAYS!


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  1. ValernaMusic says:

    Thanks to @Robotdancemusic for the write-up/plug:

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  2. nuspeipah says:

    hi, what tune is played in the robotic-video? it’s awesome

  3. b says:

    nuspeipah – it’s the kids at the bar remix of under the sheets. we’ve posted it before –

  4. nuspeipah says:

    thank u for the answer and the quick response :)

  5. trentrampage says:

    a quickie post, straight to the point haha. that chew fu remix of rihanna is BIG.

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