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It’s super cold outside. We haven’t gotten any snow yet, page which is alright with me because here in Oklahoma, treatment if it snows, it SNOWS. We only get one or two snowfalls a year and they usually shut down the state.
Today is a day I would love to make a roaring fire in the fireplace and cover myself in blankets in front of that fireplace and play Xbox. Or watch Netflix or something. Anything but be outside.

sayCet would be a great accompaniment to my dream Tuesday. Very similar to such acts like múm and I Am Robot And Proud, and a slew of other groups, this style of music used to take over my iTunes playlists for a while. sayCet will probably be my reason to start listening to this stuff again, that plus the gloom of winter.

Air – Sing Sang Sung (sayCet Remix)

Phoenix – 1901 (sayCet Remix)


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