French Horn Rebellion new EP

don diablo French Horn Rebellion are releasing their EP for Up All Night next month and wanted to share part of it with you! They’ve gone in and remastered two tracks from their previous CD as well as asked some friends of theirs to remix the hell out of Up All Night! The EP is […]

Don Diablo

I had never heard of Don Diablo until these tracks showed up in my email, purchase but by looking at his myspace, order with over 2 million plays, it seems a lot of other people definitely have. Don’s def got some talent, and I really like the track I Am Not From France that’s on […]

Robotic Wednesdays (OKC)

Opolis Party Party (Norman)

Best music video of all time

So we have some emails to go through today and I am too tired right now so I leave you with the best music video ever posted on the internet… at least until I dub a new one the ‘best’.

Kill The Noise

Definitely one of my top favorite remixers of the past couple years, information pills Kill The Noise has never failed to impress me. He has a habit of taking already great songs and making them even greater. Greatererererer. “Here’s something I managed to put together over the past coupla weeks. It’s a remix of a […]

Wildlife (Austin)

Lies in Disguise

french horn rebellion – dance robots dance remix Lies in Disguise has just released another scientifically proven banger to the world. This one is an original! There isn’t much to say. Everyone knows the two members, gerontologist Le Castle Vania & Blake Miller, and everyone knows what happens when these two come together – some […]

French Horn Rebellion remix sample

the shoes Here is a new remix that I did for French Horn Rebellion. They have a new EP coming out soon with remixes by John Bourke (of Trash Yourself), internist Database and more! It is what it is and I hope you like it. Its laid back, dosage at home listening kind of music. […]