don diablo

I had never heard of Don Diablo until these tracks showed up in my email, purchase but by looking at his myspace, order with over 2 million plays, it seems a lot of other people definitely have.

Don’s def got some talent, and I really like the track I Am Not From France that’s on his myspace player. These remixes sound like stuff I would play out but I probably never will because I’m not in to the original artists’ parts very much. Don, if you read this, pick better people to remix and send me the not from france track!

“Who is this DON DIABLO dude that everybody seems to be talking about? Well, for starters he is a producer, musician, imaginary friend, DJ, singer, writer, part-time streaker, visualist, record label boss, invisible hooligan and someone who just despises boring long form artist biographies with an abundance of irrelevant info.”

Kaseo – Kill The Radio (Don Diablo Remix) [YSI]

Tami Chynn ft. Akon – Frozen (Don Diablo Remix) [YSI]