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french horn rebellion

French Horn Rebellion are releasing their EP for Up All Night next month and wanted to share part of it with you!
They’ve gone in and remastered two tracks from their previous CD as well as asked some friends of theirs to remix the hell out of Up All Night! The EP is being released on iTunes and Beatport in the middle of February. The iTunes release comes with remixes by Trash Yourself, viagra 60mg Database, site & Mighty Five, help as well as two original FHR tracks. The Beatport release will see more remixes added to the EP by some unannounced artists!

Here is the remastered version of Up All Night and John Bourke’s Trash Yourself remix.

French Horn Rebellion- Up All Night (Remastered) [YSI]

French Horn Rebellion – Up All Night (John Bourke Remix) [YSI]

As an added bonus, here is a new remix BY French Horn Rebellion! Plus my remix that I posted the other day, you can download it now.

Love Like Deloreans – Epic High School (French Horn Rebellion Remix) [YSI]

French Horn Rebellion – Up All Night (Dance Robots, Dance! Remix) [YSI]

They’re starting their new US tour this weekend. Here are the next few weeks of shows. you can see more info & more dates on their myspace.

Jan 17 2009 New York, New York
Jan 20 2009 Philadelphia
Jan 23 2009 Akron, Ohio
Jan 24 2009 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jan 25 2009 Columbus, Ohio
Jan 28 2009 Louisville, Kentucky
Jan 29 2009 Knoxville, Tennessee
Jan 30 2009 Nashville, Tennessee
Jan 31 2009 Clarksville, Tennessee
Feb 3 2009 Indianapolis
Feb 6 2009 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Feb 7 2009 Chicago, Illinois
Feb 8 2009 Iowa City, Iowa
Feb 10 2009 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Feb 15 2009 Wichita, Kansas
Feb 17 2009 Fayetteville, Arkansas
Feb 19 2009 Norman, Oklahoma