the retro kidz

Definitely one of my top favorite remixers of the past couple years, information pills Kill The Noise has never failed to impress me. He has a habit of taking already great songs and making them even greater. Greatererererer.

“Here’s something I managed to put together over the past coupla weeks. It’s a remix of a brooklyn based group called “The Retro Kidz”.The name of the track is called “New Era”. I’m really feelin’ what they are doin’ for one main reason: because they are having fun. Besides the fact that musically I like what I’m hearing, link it’s about the attitude and the energy. I think it’s easy for people to forget that we are all supposed to be having fun. Nothings worse than DJ’s or producers, or whatever… people in general, who analyze shit till it loses all it’s flavor. Or getting caught up being jaded or an elitist.”


Anyways, you should go hit up his myspace and his blog.

The Retro Kidz – New Era (Kill The Noise Remix) [YSI]