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August 2, 2013 by

friday cat

Welcome to August in Oklahoma. Usually it’s a time of the year when you are just about fed up with summer and many too days of 100+ degrees. This summer has been surprisingly fantastic here in Oklahoma. The grass is actually green. Trees don’t look like they’re dying. It rains every other day. What is happening? Thanks global warming!

I woke up early enough to browse through my email inbox and I found a couple great things that were sent to me over these past couple days. After hearing this Super 8 track I will definitely need to check out more Shapes of Light in the future.

The same can be said about that naatives. track down at the bottom. So good.

Shapes of Light – Super 8 (Original Mix)

Candyland – It’s A Shark (Gold Top Remix)

Olympic Ayres – Magic (Night Drive Remix)

The Bloody Beetroots – Chronicles Of A Fallen Love (RASCAL Remix)

Pet Shop Boys – Vocal (Nikno Remix)

Asaf Avidan – One Day (The Knocks Remix)

George Maple – Fixed (naatives. bootleg)


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