cool cat wednesday 729


It’s Wednesday!

Every time I make a post on a Wednesday of course I have to mention that it’s my favorite day of the week. Duh. If you’re in Oklahoma, make the trip to OKC for Robotic Wednesdays! The best party ever.

Here’s 6 wonderful tracks to help you help me celebrate this chilly Wednesday!


Triple Tuesday

It’s been a good long time since I’ve done a Triple Tuesday. Heck, I rarely post on the blog much anymore as it is. Why? Eh, I dunno. This morning I decided to look in the inbox to see these three tracks poking out at my eyeballs. They put me in a good mood and I’m just sharing the love, I guess. Everyone grab your coffee and feel da vibes!

Welcome to August

Welcome to August in Oklahoma. Usually it’s a time of the year when you are just about fed up with summer and many too days of 100+ degrees. This summer has been surprisingly fantastic here in Oklahoma. The grass is actually green. Trees don’t look like they’re dying. It rains every other day. What is […]

Chillax, bro

It’s pretty sad that I can wake up on Fridays and instantly have Rebecca Black’s hit single in my head all day. I can’t wait until she starts DJing. Here’s a small mix of new & old tracks to help you start your weekend with. I’m planning on chilling all weekend so these work just […]

Digging through the crates

I went deep into the archive of submissions for today’s post. I don’t really have much else to talk about. I extended the Trident gum contest because you people really need to enter. I get hundreds of hits to the blog each day and only a handful have entered. This is a years worth of […]

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

Ellie Goulding

The time is finally upon us when Kids At The Bar unleash their immensely banging dance-able remix of Ellie Goulding‘s soon to be pop hit Under The Sheets. Bring your fire-safe suit to the club because the dancefloor will be melting. Someone tell the label that they made a mistake in not picking this for […]

It Doesn’t Move Me

The Knocks drop a killer new remix for Peter Bjorn & John‘s new single It Doesn’t Move Me. Peter Bjorn & John – It Doesn’t Move Me (The Knocks Remix) [YSI] [audio:’t%20Move%20Me%20(The%20Knocks%20Remix).mp3]