Apologies for downtime

November 18, 2009 by

Funny Pictures of Cats and Kittens

So, prosthesis food our webhost has been having issues as always. A lot of you have been coming to grab the new Kids At The Bar remix that we last posted and I’m sure a lot of you haven’t been too happy when our site doesn’t even load for you. :(

We can’t tell you when things will level out and all of the requests to load our page will be honored by our webhost as they are having some hardware failures right now.

For those of you who can actually load the site I hope these three tracks will sooth your aching mouse hands and monitor-worn eyes. Maybe they will get you away from the computer for a minute or two while you dance the room in your pajamas.

LMFAO ft. Hyper Crush – La La La (Hyper Crush Remix)

Bowski – Hooves

Mom & Dad – The Whole Sh’bang (Harvard Bass Remix)


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  1. Apologies for downtime + 3 new tracks posted! – http://tr.im/FelE

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