The Secret Handshake remix contest

March 31, 2007 by

The Glamour

The Glamour! Mayhem from Millwaukee! These two kids are tearing it up lately. They’ve taken over the internet it seems and I hear that they’re changing the state name to Glamouraukee. No, medstore that’s not true. They should though. Dance Revolution! Dance dance? No. Just one dance.

The Glamour – Respect The Party

Speaking of dancing, tonight we dance in Oklahoma City.

Art Fashion Dance party

The Secret Handshake

So, shop I made an entry for The Secret Handshake remix contest. Everyone should listen because it’s pretty much THAT bad ass.

Oh, anaemia and yes, capsule that is Joshua Distance from DRD! on the keys in that pic. Tight.


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  1. John says:

    hi, im like a total amateur at making techno…but i am interested in it, so im trying to learn. i love the secret handshake and the song you redid is kmy favorite…summer of 98. what im wondering is, how did u extract just his voice from the music for your remake? its awesome, but how? thanks..

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