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Shout out out out out = two drummers + four bass players + two samplers + five synthesizers + one vocoder. volatile dance music.

Shout Out Out Out Out

Nrmls Wlcm has this to say about Shout out out out out: Shout out out out out is made up of nrmls wlcm label bosses Nik Kozub and Jason Troock, hospital whitey houston members Lyle Bell and Gravy, sketchy casanova Will Zimmerman, and a lil’ spazz named Clint Frazier. They are a live spectacle, leaving jaws dropped and dance floors filled with their chaotic blend of epic bumpin’. Hell yes, let us do the electro rock and dance the night away.

Robotic Radio has this to say about Shout Out Out Out Out: Hell yes.

Shout Out Out Out Out – “Dude You Feel Electrical”

Brice Lee

From their myspace page: “Here it is, more info straight from Paris : Brice Lee’s explosive, salve bouncy house tunes are of the kind that shorten conversations and fill up dance floors. Bouncy basses, visit this irressistible beats and those crunchy beeps and blips that send shivers down your spine and warm up your muscles ! Yes, it IS funky, but with a touch of sheer class, like Marcellus Wallas in Pulp Fiction or Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights… After Brice Lee’s tunes appeared in the Kia Picanto TV ad, the carmakers website was flooded with hundreds of mails from desperate TV viewers dying to know what the f… the track behind the ad was ! Feel good music, thats what it is, combining the vibe of a mad club party and the warmth of guitar strumming on a tropical beach… Why choose between party and trendy, when you can have it both ways ? Brice Lee is the sound electronica had been waiting for!”
I just really love this song.

Brice Lee – “Spam (Invaders Remix)”

Also, added all these songs to rotation on the radio today:
Snowden – Kill The Power (Stutter Remix)
Shakes – Disneyland Vacation
Undo – Atrau Me (Factor City)
Foreign Islands – We Know You Know It
Ocelot – Lo Sforzo (The Stress)
Protokoll – Moving Forward
Miami Horror – Don’t Be On With Her
Hellogoodbye – Here (In Your Arms) (Young Americans Remix)
The Klaxons – Golden Skans (David E. Sugar remix)
Surkin – Kiss And Fly (Tacteel Remix)
Surkin – Radio Fireworks (Riot In Belgium Second Remix)
Mary Moor – Pretty Day
Stardust – Music Sound Better (In Miami Horror Remix)
Dandi Wind – Searching Flesh
DJ Mehdi – Signatune (ZZZ Remix)
Vanshe Tech vs Utah Saints – Something Good
Sneaky Soundsystem – UFO (Vanshe Tech)
Scratch Massive – Shining in My Vein (Spirit Remix)
MSTRKRFT – Easy Love (Casanova Remix)


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  1. Tago-Mago says:

    don’t know how else to say this… but i’ve been listening to can since 14 (24 now) and i finally made something i think is good enough. and i figured you might dig it.

    it’s here:

    remixes of the streets, marvin gaye, mos def, b-52’s, cocteau twins, more

    hope you like it


    The “Eardrums shall fail” blog said:

    “Remixing is raised to art status when you give new life to music, any type of music. To see potential in a boring cut, to push the envelope all the way to different galaxies, to let your mind wander where the originary intention left off, all this presumes passion and marquees lighting up over your head as opposed to a mere lightbulb. A writer, most of the cases, is a passionate reader and afterwards a remixer of words. Tago-Mago does that with music. I may not like each and every track but that would be a strange and new feeling anyway. Rarely have I heard a reinvention of music I was, or thought I was, familiar with, in such unexpected ways. His major influence is Can, and the mixes are inspired by a variety of hip hop and electronica artists.”

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