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February 27, 2007 by

Back in the day I remember getting a package from Mute Records with two CDs in it, hemorrhoids one of them being the debut release from Client. The other cd has nothing to do with this story (but it was the first T.Raumschmiere cd). That first cd was pretty great. We played it in the clubs all the time and listened to it in my car even more. The release of City was pretty exciting although I just didn’t find myself getting in to it as much. I think that I had worn myself off of Client. Don’t get me wrong, rx I just pressed play on City again and it’s much better now because I haven’t really listened to Client at all in the past year or two. I had no idea that they had a new EP, rehabilitation Zerox Machine, until this weekend. I just listened to it and I don’t find myself excited at all. The remixes are rather dull to me because they sound too much like Client. I’d like to hear someone like VanShe Tech get ahold of it or Alan Braxe or something. With all of that said I am still curious to hear anything else that they have coming.

I got this email this weekend with a new Client video in it. It’s not as cool as the video for Radio. It’s for a new song, “Drive”.

I also got sent this video. It’s not for Client, but for the Klaxons. Gotta love the Klaxons! “Golden Skans” video:


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  1. robbo says:

    i have the vocals to that track, working on a mix for it.

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