Rule of Eight + Pass the 40

July 5, 2016 by Bryan Peace

Rule of Eight made a great comeback recently with his track ‘Carpet’ and has just released a remix pack featuring remixes from The Hi-Yahs, Pass The 40 & Cache Money. You can download all the remixes on the No Parents No Rules soundcloud and while you’re there, check out all the other fine releases!


Summer is here

June 7, 2015 by Bryan Peace

It just hit me that summer is here. I don’t really know what I was thinking. I guess I figured it out when my AC died and now it’s super hot in my house. ¯\_(?)_/¯
Here’s some heaters to keep up with this early June heat.



November 14, 2014 by Bryan Peace

It’s Rebecca Black’s favorite day! Which seat will we all take this weekend? Probably the seat next to the heater because it’s cold outside.



February 4, 2014 by Bryan Peace

Hey guys, it’s Tuesday again. I think Tuesdays are my least favorite days. I’m not sure. I actually don’t have a least favorite day, I’m just making all this up.

Anyways, here’s a random post of tracks from disco house to trap to dnb. What? ¯\_(?)_/¯


Rule of Eight

February 26, 2013 by Bryan Peace


Kids At The Bar + Crystal Vision + The Hi-Yahs

September 10, 2012 by Bryan Peace