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A solid remix of a classic song is hard to come by, but so satisfying when it’s pulled off right. Originally by the epochal 90’s band The Cranberries, the hit “ZOMBIE” was just flipped in a very interesting way by the live electronic-fusion project AMERA. I think the key to pulling off a remix like […]

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AMERA – CONNECTED (Official Music Video)

  We’ve got a new music video and a gem of song you need to hear. The band is AMERA and they have some seriously high energy and forward thinking music out. Check out the video for their song “CONNECTED” below. It’s a good creative visual for an epic song. Live instrumentation and psych-pop influenced […]

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Anna Ross – Karman Line

Anna Ross has become a familiar name to us and when we heard her new song “Karman Line” we had to share it. There’s crisp production and a few distinct sections that flow together effortlessly. And it’s all topped off with a strong vocal hook. So if you haven’t heard of her, get to know […]

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zenxienz – Brainforest

We were just introduced to the artist zenxienz and his new album ‘Brainforest.’ This is without a doubt a psychedelic-electronic album with some amazing sound design. The frenzy of musical ideas on here boarder on a kind of madness. But the songs are anchored by sections of concrete rhythms, occasionally allowing the mind some structure. With […]

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First Day – Anna Ross

Anna Ross is a singer-songwriter out of the UK who shows off a smooth style on this new single.  It was co-written alongside Simon Le Bon, who’s done songwriting for Duran Duran. And the band is also supporting “First Day.” It’s no mystery as to why, Anna Ross has toured as a vocalist for the […]

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Crystal Vision + TYNVN

Crystal Vision & TYNVN unleash their smashing VIP of 100 today for free on the Play Me Records soundcloud page! Coincidentally, the original mix of 100 just dropped off of Beatport’s Hip-Hop top 100 charts today. It almost spent 100 days on the charts. Go grab the free download now!

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Hey guys, it’s Tuesday again. I think Tuesdays are my least favorite days. I’m not sure. I actually don’t have a least favorite day, I’m just making all this up.

Anyways, here’s a random post of tracks from disco house to trap to dnb. What? ¯\_(?)_/¯

Today is Wednesday or as i like to call it Winsday, the day of winners

Hey! It’s Wednesday! My favorite day of the week for the past 7 years. Here’s a mix of different tracks from different genres because you can’t just stick to one genre. Learn to enjoy all kinds of music. We’re starting off with a little bit of french-type house and ending with some bass music Mr. […]

Daft Punk + Computer Club

I’ve never been a big DNB fan, information pills and don’t really expect to ever become one but there’s always something magical about Computer Club’s tracks that I just can’t say no to. Plus it’s also a Daft Punk remix. One of many to come, and I really love this album. Daft Punk – Doin’ […]