Crystal Vision + Robotic Wednesdays

The Oklahoma City dance party known as Robotic Wednesdays turns the big 8 today! Resident DJs, Crystal Vision, are giving away a new track as a birthday present to everyone! It’s a big acid electro house club banger! Go get it now!


It’s Wednesday, this and you know what that means… time for ROBOTIC! It’s resident djs (Kids At The Bar, for sale Crystal Vision & Ed Crunk) only tonight so get ready to go crazy with us! High fives all around! And for just in case you haven’t seen the video from our underwear party the […]

Robotic Wednesdays

Robotic Wednesdays feat. Lucky Date – 02.16.11 from Brandon Bales on Vimeo. This is pretty much how it goes down every Wednesday in Oklahoma City for ROBOTIC. Minus all the girls in their undies.

ROBOTIC Wednesdays Holiday Special

This is what we’ve been up to the past few weeks at ROBOTIC!

Happy New Years!

Heyooo I’m back in NYC/BKLN for NYE this year so postings are going to be slim for the next few days. Let me just say that ROBOTIC was craaazy last night. We got shut down at 1am because there were just too many people inside raging and way too many people outside in line still […]

ROBOTIC w/ Star Eyes

This week we have Trouble & Bass’ first lady of bass, order Star Eyes djing with us at ROBOTIC! It’s going to be a speaker-blowing good time! Find out more on the facebook event!


Tonight’s the big night! The 15th year of EVILJIVE! Get ready, online Oklahoma City!

Vote for us!

Yes, order this blog is based out of Oklahoma City. We were just nominated as best blog of OKC and would really like it if you would go vote for us! We’re in the third from last listing near the bottom. So go click and vote for ROBOT DANCE MUSIC! VOTE NOW voting has ended. […]

Kill Hannah

alex metric Chicago’s sons, artificial Kill Hannah, viagra sale have a new album coming out soon and are currently touring the country playing out a lot of new tracks. I recently caught them here in OKC playing with some not so great bands that I won’t mention… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go see […]