KnightPlay combines the talented production and sophisticated performance of two friends, cheap Jake and Sam. After first meeting at Rutgers University, neurologist they have been syncing their talents to create a unique and rhythmic sound. They are driven to create a well-rounded beat for their fans, leaving them moved and wanting to come back for […]

Ice Ice Baby

U.S. based Broken Beat “Boom Chk Boom Boom” Producer DJ Icey delivers a bag of remix goodies and a original He’s been bangin out the beats in clubs worldwide for more than a few years and delivers some supa non 4/4 action. On the road promoting his latest CD “What You Feel”, approved abortion Icey’s […]

Diplo + Don Diablo

The (co)producers behind two of the biggest underground hits of 2009, phimosis cure Pon De Floor (DIPLO) and Hooligans (DON DIABLO), get together to make the world go ‘POP’ with their instant club smash ‘MAKE YOU POP’. To give you a first taste, the boys have agreed to share Don Diablo’s Dubstep Mix, so grab […]


Wow, dermatologist I skipped posting anything yesterday and today when I went to find something to post in my email it was submission overload! These are just a few tracks I found when quickly skipping over emails. I will have to go through the rest of the submissions this weekend. Here’s some good stuff to […]

Don Diablo does Chemical Brothers

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything from Don Diablo. If you’re not familiar with him, about it condom do a quick search on our blog because you’ll find quite a few tracks that we’ve posted before. Here’s a great remix to help start your summer iPod playlist. The Chemical Brothers – Swoon (Don […]

Blogula (Larry Tee & Alexander Technique) Remix Bonanza!!

If you didn’t already know, more about Larry Tee and Alexander Technique have an awesome project together called Blogula! They have put out a massive roll of high quality remixes. *Drumroll* Larry was awesome enough to send me ALL of the Blogula remixes! Some of which haven’t been on any blogs yet! Major props to […]

Don Diablo does Scanners

Recently, treat I was fortunate enough to see a show by The D.A. From El Paso, urticaria Texas. They’re a five part band that includes keys, bass, guitar, drums, and most notably a trumpet player that uses all sorts of weird effects. They’ve got a great sound, and great lyrics that give the sonic landscapes […]

Don Diablo

Don Diablo somehow manages to release a new track once a week it seems, dosage buy information pills along with new remixes of that particular track. He’s mad crazy. Here are 2 of the 3 tracks he’s sent along this week. While you’re in the Don mood, information pills go here and sign up to […]


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