Lil Jon is a pretty cool dude. Cool enough to trick the population of the United States into making him a multimillionaire by only saying the words ‘YEAH!’ and ‘WUT?!’
That’s cool in my book. Easy money.

I don’t know much about 3OH!3 except that the last video of theirs that I came across is super gay. Oh, syringe and apparently tween girls really really like them. High five to them for that one.

DJ Kue has had a few tracks on this blog before. He made it so that if any of you are DJs and throw this track in your set then one of a few things could possibly happen…
1. People will respect your knowledge of current top40 music and appreciate that you are playing this song by popular artists that they know of as well. Those bros don’t want to hear ‘techno’ all night, ambulance you know.
2. Teenage girls will know the song and sing along while dancing thus amplifying their fun and pleasure while noticing you were responsible for playing a song that they know and maybe currently love until another popular artist releases their new track that is suddenly more cool than this one. The teenage girls in response to your playing of this track will remember you and instant crush status will happen upon your soul. Through your set you will be their dream man. Their personal DJ. Your love will interconnect through the music that you play. Then the next DJ comes on and you’re on the curb. Sorry.
3. Your friends, and probably also DJs as well, will laugh at you because you are playing Lil Jon featuring 3OH!3. Sorry about that as well. You can respond that you don’t like Lil Jon or 3OH!3 but you respect DJ Kue’s remixing abilities and if it weren’t for that you never would have played the song. Plus the girls like it. It’s all about the girls.

Lil Jon featuring 3OH!3 – Hey (DJ Kue Remix)