Top Billin’ arranged this remix competition a while back and found some great talent and there’s was one well made disco-house remix by a young producer called Lenno, check that topped all others. Little did they know, Lenno was 15 at the time he entered the remix competition, taking it home.

Now Lenno has turned 16 and is ready with his debut ep, two tracks of sizzling disco-flavoured house music, better produced than most of the stuff out there: Lenno likes to chop up samples and use many different cuts from many sources on 1 track. Microsamples, like Phonat does it, Lenno says.

His live performances are exactly what his release promises, full of energy and enough sampling to make you go whooomph.

Next up for Lenno is to graduate from junior high school, work on remixes and see how many ep’s he can smash out before the average age of a house producer that’s 25.

Get the all the tracks here!

Lenno – Streets