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Lenno – Good Thing EP

Give it up for Lenno and his amazing EP the producer just released. It’s has everything you can expect from Lenno’s signature disco-house style. Stream it here and you will probably find a new favorite track.

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Lenno – Fever (Feat. Benson)

The Finish disco master, Lenno, returns with his latest release “Fever” and it’s sick. Groovy and perfect for any dance floor, “Fever” has been stuck on repeat all day for me. Be sure to head over to his Twitter to keep up with his releases.

Digging through the crates

I went deep into the archive of submissions for today’s post. I don’t really have much else to talk about. I extended the Trident gum contest because you people really need to enter. I get hundreds of hits to the blog each day and only a handful have entered. This is a years worth of […]


Top Billin’ arranged this remix competition a while back and found some great talent and there’s was one well made disco-house remix by a young producer called Lenno, check that topped all others. Little did they know, Lenno was 15 at the time he entered the remix competition, taking it home. Now Lenno has turned […]