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April 30, 2013 by

rule of eight circuit

Following up on his last free release, web Rule of Eight‘s latest single just hit stores today and he’s decided to let us share it with you!

Some say that Steve Jobs originally scored this single on the Macintosh II and Rule of Eight went back in time and stole it. Others say Bill Gates originally stole it then left the cassette tape on top of his car while making a speedy get-a-way and Rule of Eight found it at a local flea market tucked in the side pocket of a brown leather briefcase that he was checking out and thinking about buying. Then others just say YOLO and take a shot of Patrón and then slap the nearest girl’s ass while high-fiving their closest bro. Either way, Circuit is a massive release and both the supplied remixes will make just about any current EDM fan happy!

Rule of Eight – Circuit

Rule of Eight – Circuit (Dortmund Remix)

Rule of Eight – Circuit (PrototypeRaptor Remix)


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