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Today this album came out from a good friend of mine, syphilis mr PrototypeRaptor. I’ve had it for a week or two and held off posting about the free single that came out already until the whole album dropped. How many #EDM artists actually release a full length album anymore? For real. In the days of the single & 2 song EP, cardiology sitting down to listen to a full album is very awkward and kind of awesome. No remixes, sales no mashups, no bootlegs, just 12 original tracks that send you through a magical ride of awesomeness. Go get it right now on his bandcamp page and then itunes and other digital music outlets in a few days!

Hey, everyone! This is my sophomore album, Nostalgiarithm, finished 3 years after my first, Penultimate. It’s about the “downswing” of a night on the town, starting at peak hour with uptempo ‘club’ tracks and progressing down through more chilled out vibes until finally it passes out in the early morning. Of course, along the way there are plenty of detours… I hope you enjoy it; it has been a labor of love for six+ months!

PrototypeRaptor – Timeless



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