Neutral Bling Hotel

November 27, 2012 by

I feel that if music blogs were still relevant like they were in 2k8 this would have shut down the internet with all the posts about it. In 2k12 no one posted about it. Head over to the bandcamp page and give this guy some of your hard earned dollars and download the whole album. This is how mash-ups are supposed to be made.

Pt. 1

Neutral Bling Hotel – Oh Dougie

Neutral Bling Hotel – Miami, 1981

Neutral Bling Hotel – My First Airplane


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  1. Mike Dennis says:

    Oh Dougie is gorgeous. I think the link to King of Ante up might be broken? Was expecting something similar to Slynk but this guy(/girl/guys?) has a whole different take on the mashup! Thanks for the heads up. Just about to send you some music, hope you enjoy.

  2. b says:

    Mike, I fixed the player. It doesn’t like commas in the track names.

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