PrototypeRaptor + PAZ + Feed Me

October 4, 2012 by

NASA is being hush hush about a recent find from the Curiosity Rover but we have a source inside that leaked to us the big news. A strange signal has been found on Mars and they have just decoded it. Out of that signal came this single song. It is said that playing this song at very loud levels may have the ability to bring about the start of world peace and a single global democracy.

I heard that if everyone in the world played the song at the same time that global warming would end and trees will start to sprout 100 dollar bills.

I heard that President Obama is declaring today “PrototypeRaptor Day” and everyone gets a free cupcake.

I heard that cats & dogs around the world are finally admitting that they know how to speak english and are communicating to their owners that they need to come to this website to download this song because they have never heard something so beautiful.

I heard that one of the 7 secret herbs & spices in KFC’s famous flavor is this song.

I heard that Avicii, story Tiesto & David Guetta all got together today for brunch and talked about this song.

PAZ & PrototypeRaptor vs Feed Me – Cott’s Face (Bootleg Remix)


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