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We’re starting a new interview series here on RDM and what better to start with than the artist with the newest release from Robot Dance Records, physiotherapist Glasnost! You can find the release on iTunes, case Amazon and other fine digital music retailers!

A year and a half since Glasnost’s last original release, “No Survivor,” the band sends you a taste of their forthcoming album with their next original single, “Corridor,” on Robot Dance Records, including official remixes by Midnight Conspiracy, NightWaves and Kids at the Bar.

Since ‘No Survivor,’ Glasnost remixes have been exciting blogs and dance floors worldwide. While releasing Glastnostized renditions of tracks like “La Roux’s Bullet Proof,” “Tiga’s What you Need” and most recently “Metric’s Hands,” the band was busy producing their next collection of original tracks for their forthcoming album, “Decade,” due to release this Summer.

Can you give a little history on the group for our readers?

Brandon Duhon: It started out at this old movie theater in Houston that doesn’t exist any more. They played old 80s movies on the weekends, and on a particular weekend they were playing this movie called “Disco Godfather”. It turned out that both Dan and I were in the theater, and we both got thrown out for being disruptive. That’s how we first became friends, outside the theater we started talking about music and the rest is history.

The name of the theater was “The Glasnost”.

When working on a new track or remix, what is your creative process? Who takes charge with the writing etc?

Brandon Duhon: The process varies, but the most common method we use involves watching old movies for inspiration, and then I write the basic song structure and the band then hashes it out. So apparently, everything seems to revolve around old movies.

What is your favorite equipment right now? Any VSTs that are blowing your mind?

Brandon Duhon: This is embarrassing, but I really don’t have a lot of access to VSTs. Dan may have more to say about this one – alot of the sounds I use in the songs are from my Juno 60 and other ordinary analog synths. Considering the type of music we’re writing, we’re actually putting the songs together in a pretty low-tech way.

Brandon recently did some vocal work for Kids At The Bar, who have done a couple remixes for Glasnost. Explain your relationship and how both groups started working together

Brandon Duhon: We first met them through a remix contest we held on a now non-existent Houston blog. Their remix of our track “Static” really stood out from the rest, and at the time they were relatively unknown. We were like, who the hell are these guys? They are awesome!

We met them and immediately liked them, so I guess it was inevitable that we were eventually gonna work on something together.

Everyone’s favorite place to party, SXSW, is coming up. What do you all have planned for this year’s festivities?

You can catch Glasnost live at this year’s SXSW at:
– Date & Time TBA – Lose Control III @ Vice
– 3-19-11 – 4:45 pm – Detox Retox @ Valhalla – Hosted by MuseBox & Couch Professor

When is the new album dropping and are there any tour plans for it?

Brandon Duhon: The album is called “Decade” and it’s scheduled to be released this summer.

What does the future see for Glasnost?

Chuck Costello: Full length release of “Decade”, west coast tour and world domination.

Corridor (original mix) by glasnost

Corridor (Midnight Conspiracy End of an Era Remix) by glasnost

Corridor (NightWaves Remix) by glasnost

Corridor (Kids At The Bar Remix) by glasnost


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