The XX + Tiga

August 26, 2010 by

While it isn’t my favorite piece of work from Tiga, more it does shadow my mood of today. I just want to go back to my bed and fall asleep to this.

In celebration of the Planet Turbo today show at London’s LED Festival, we are giving away an exclusive download of Tiga’s Remix of “Shelter” by The XX.

The track is a dubby, Basic Channel-inspired reassembling of one of Tiga’s favorite bands. Be warned that you’ll have this song stuck in your head for weeks of wild afternoons.

“There’s just something special about making out in London, your mouth bursting with toffee and emotion, that ugly ferris wheel thing looming in the distance…This remix is a love letter to British Romance, from the heart of a Canadian Revolutionary.”

The XX – Shelter (Tiga Remix)


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    The XX + Tiga

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  2. Tiga remixes The XX “Shelter” via RobotDanceMusic

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