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Vitalic has their newest single, discount Second Lives, adiposity coming out on March 22nd from the album Flashmob Here are three of the remixes that stand out most to me on the single. You’ll find a Flashmob Popof remix on the final release as well.

Vitalic – Second Lives (Colonel Up and Mister Down Remix)

Vitalic – Second Lives (Lifelike Remix)

Vitalic – Second Lives (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)


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  1. Stefan says:

    Well, Vitalic isn’t a band since Pascal Arbez is the sole master of his project. And Second Lives is already the 2nd single after Poison Lips. Thanks for the remixes anyway ! (especially the Bloody Beetroots I find really cool)

  2. Debbie says:

    why don’t you just post Vitalic’s bank account number instead?

  3. b says:

    Hi Debbie,
    WTF are you going on about? You need to educate yourself before coming on here and calling us ‘assholes’. Now, I know you’ll never see this message again but let me tell you a story about how this blog works. Well, it usually starts when I wake up in the morning, usually late for work, and grab my laptop to check my email. I get quite a bit of email to the blogs account, all of it submissions from labels, pr agents, and the bands themselves wanting us to post their tracks. There’s a lot of stuff we get that we don’t like but every now and then there comes an email from something really good that we are excited to post about. Take Vitalic for instance. Someone promoting the release of the single sent us an email with links to download and post these tracks. Nowhere in the email or the ‘special page’ with the tracks do they tell us not to post them. Usually that is the case but with this release they obviously are hitting up the blog scene to get some hype about the release. So blogs like ours post the tracks and write up nice things about them and some blogs, like ours, get the tracks listed on sites like Hype Machine where even more people hear them and vote on them and they eventually can get listed in the popular tracks, which two of these remixes from our post did. That, in turn, drives more traffic to our blog and more labels, bands, and agents decide to send us music so that we can share with stupid bitches like yourself.
    the end.

  4. GREASED EGG says:

    You’ze a hooooooo.

  5. b says:

    Sorry for calling you a stupid bitch.
    <3 b.

  6. nit says:

    Debbie the dickshit! retard lol

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