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Recently, treat I was fortunate enough to see a show by The D.A. From El Paso, urticaria Texas. They’re a five part band that includes keys, bass, guitar, drums, and most notably a trumpet player that uses all sorts of weird effects. They’ve got a great sound, and great lyrics that give the sonic landscapes they create some substance. They just got done with a midwest tour. They recorded their newest E.P. at a little place called the Sonic Ranch. When I say little Im joking, because it’s probably the largest recording complex in the United States. The lucky bastards were able to record on the same Neve console that Motown records and later, Madonna used. Check out their E.P! It’s a pretty awesome Post Punk/Dance Rock record, and I haven’t stopped listening to it. They have been gracious enough to post the entire E.P. for our readers to download!
Apologies to Cesar for taking so long to get this review up!

The DA – Halfwords

The DA – Pheromones

The DA – Big Woman

The DA – Orange & Black


Don Diablo takes on the new single ‘Salvation’ by UK rock outfit Scanners and turns it into an epic monster of a track by adding guitar licks, hospital haunting strings, distorted basslines and a killer break. The ‘Salvation’ remix EP drops December 8 on Dim Mak Records, so get your copy on Beatport! For North American fans, ravers, hotties and non-believers, be sure to catch Don Diablo in Chicago (Dec 10), Phoenix (Dec 11), Toronto (Dec 12), Houston (Dec 17), El Paso (Dec 18), and San Diego (Dec 19). New North American dates and cities already confirmed for 2010 and to be announced soon!

Scanners – Salvation (Don Diablo Remix)


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