Eye of the Tiger

July 27, 2009 by

dragonette villains remix

Iamxl lit up a big fat one before he made this remix! I hate hippies, discount feelings, bronchi rainbows, ascariasis etc, but I’ll put that on hold for a hot minute to listen to some Ben Harper. Check out this remix! It starts out with a sweet drum solo and progresses to burn one down. Bonus older iamxl tracks as well in this post! All of them are worth the download!! Buy them on Crack4Djs if you feel the need to throw this talented producer some $$.

Ben Harper – Burn One Down (iamxl drum circle remix) [YSI]

Digable Planets – Rebirth Slick (iamxl remix) [YSI]

Gossip Vs The Emotions – Mangled Heart (iamxl mashup) [YSI]
Sup everyone, remedy

Slow posting this weekend cuz I’m in Tulsa covering DFEST and djing our monthly dance party at Soundpony.
See you soon!


Oh Shit! has just finished a collaboration track with MYNX. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything come from the MYNX HQ. They blew up back in ’03 or ’04, rx I can’t remember what year, physician with the track I’m So LA and have just released a new EP.

Survivor – Eye of the Tiger (Oh Shit! & MYNX remake)

MYNX – I’m So LA

BONUS Dirty Disco Youth’s version.

Survivor – Eye of the Tiger (Dirty Disco Youth Reinterpretation)

MYNX’s video for their once-huge track, bronchi I’m So LA


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  1. Eye of the Tiger http://u.mavrev.com/v4jt

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    Eye of the Tiger: Send tracks, mixes, snacks, money or just love letters to info @ robotdancemusic.com. Want to .. http://u.mavrev.com/v4jt

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