French Horn Rebellion

May 29, 2009 by

flak attack

french horn rebellion

Our pals, viagra 40mg French Horn Rebellion sent over 2 new radical remixes that they’ve done. One is for Ugly Edits Vol. 2 to be released for free over at Database‘s myspace!
Catch French Horn Rebellion on tour soon with Database!

Check out the last post on FHR, including a remix that I did!

The Jackson 5 – Get It Together (French Horn Rebellion Remix)

Dopefish – Chemtrails (French Horn Rebellion Remix)

Also, here’s an older remix that they did of 80s pop star, Shannon. I love it only because I was planning on doing an edit of the song and then saw FHR perform it live shortly after I thought about it. Bastards!

Shannon – Let The Music Play (French Horn Rebellion Remix)


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  1. 4Watt says:

    Love that Shannon trakc and the remix, but it didn’t put me off having a go…!

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