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December 28, 2008 by

Epic MC Hammer video. Epic.

Epic MC Hammer video. Epic.

prince klassen

Prince Klassen, global burden of disease
my favorite DJ from Austin, drugs
sent me a new track today! Its a great party jam. I highly reccomend downloading it. Im also posting his Ghosthustler edit. Ghosthustler is a defunct band now, dosage
but their lead Singer is producing AMAZING tracks under the moniker Vega . He will be Djing in Oklahoma along with Females on January the 29th at Opolis Party Party! Get excited!

Mr Oizo – Two Takes It (prince klassen young professional edit)

Ghosthustler – Busy Busy Busy (prince klassen young professional edit)


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  1. DONESKI says:

    Really? Favorite DJ from Austin? Have you ever heard of BIRD PETERSON… maybe a little OCELOT… how about that guy WOLFGANG GARTNER.

    And I love PK.

  2. Blake says:

    All those guys are my favorite Dj’s from Austin as well.

  3. disco d says:

    thanks for the edit uploads :)

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