My end of summer mix

September 4, 2008 by

b.'s end of summer 2008 dj mix

b.'s end of summer 2008 dj mix

I quickly finished a new mix for the world to enjoy. Download it and put it on your iPod/iPhone/Laptop/Torq/Serato/iTunes/CD/Cassette/website/myspace/facebook… where ever you put these things

b.’s End of summer 2008 mix



  1. Jesse says:

    Dig the new look.

    Do you host, or post guest mixes?

  2. wholegrain says:

    ima put it on a micro SD card so I can cruise in my car stereo – kinda loud.
    thx b.

  3. christen says:

    this shit is awsome.
    i wanna put it on my ipod but idk how lol

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