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August 6, 2007 by

It’s been a really long time since I’ve listened to Electrocute. I am too busy looking for the next new thing that I tend to forget about the classics. I wouldn’t go and get too excited about this though, visit web the video is cute but the song is weak. I still want to hang out with you girls though. I’ll be in LA soon, give me a call!
Lots of pictures from our magical show at DFEST are on the myspace!

Only 2 more Robotic Wednesdays until our 1 year anniversary! Blake Miller of Moving Units / Weird Science will be here!

The quickest way of keeping up with us is through our myspace. Add us as friends.

Speaking of DFEST, seek we didn’t post anything on here about that. We’d like to thank DFEST for having us, Jeremy Dawson of Shiny Toy Guns, Greg Corner of Kill Hannah, all the Oklahoma City kids for coming up, Soundpony, Callupsie, The Neopolitans, Stevedore, everyone that came and saw us on saturday and danced their faces off, and everyone else that need thanks.

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