Coming off a long day at work I get home to find a 12 pack of PBR sitting on my porch. I love valentines. Also found out that Scissors for Lefty has been added to the Snowden show in March. I can’t wait for that show. Can’t wait at all. All this is on March 11th at the Mooch & Burn in Tulsa. Go. Dance Robots, here Dance! is playing too! If you don’t know about Snowden or Scissors for lefty I suggest you inform yourself. Here is a Snowden remix by Le Castle Vania. He’s pretty rad too.

Snowden – “Black Eyes (Le Castle Vania Remix)”


Step back a couple years to when I was still doing stuff with and it was pretty much a hot spot for indie kids to check for indie groups, click you would have found Automatic Panic. Back then I enjoyed his stuff but there just wasn’t something right about it. Now fast forward to 2006. I got back in touch with AP and re-discovered quite a gem. What I hear coming from my speakers makes me grin. Now it’s 2007 and I find this video on his myspace. This video that I had to watch a couple times. I also get a song in my email’s inbox. A song I listened to a few times as well.
This will be your new favorite video for the day.

Automatic Panic is from Texas, medicine I think. His myspace says nothing about him. I can’t find the old information that I used to have on him from This is an awesome remix he did for the band De-Fault and one of his songs I’ve had for a long time.

De-Fault – “eine weitere Stunde (with Automatic Panic)”

Automatic Panic – “Fuck The Love”

If you’re in Oklahoma there is a bunch of stuff going on. Check out all the events on the Dance Robots, Dance! myspace and the myspace for the Mooch & Burn. Also, every Wednesday night in Oklahoma City is Robotic Wednesdays at Electro Lounge. Every Thursday is Dance From Above Thursdays at the Mooch & Burn. Just a bit of fun trivia for you.

Short post today. I have to go eat food from my favorite chinese place ever! The following is a video that kicks a little butt. I would be creeped out if this happened to me… stupid devil instruments.

Also, ailment these songs were added to the rotation on Robotic Radio today:

Scanners – Bombs (Young Americans Golden Hearted Rebel Rockers Mix)
Teenage Bad Girl – Cocotte (Boys Noize Rework)
Air – Cherry Blossom Girl (Simian Mobile Disco Mix)
The Glass – Come Alive (Stretch Armstrong Remix)
Proxy – Destroy (Riot In Belgium’s Serious About Dance Edit)
Sex In Dallas – Digital Memory (Aysam Remix)
Bang Camaro – PushPush (DJ Die Young Bootleg)
New Young Pony Club – The Bomb (Phones Edit)
The Secret Handshake – Too Young (The Toxic Avenger Remix)
The Rakes – When Tom Cruise Cries
X-Wife – Ping Pong (Casanova Remix)
Lazaro Casanova – Shorts and Heels

Of course, they are linked to their artist pages on iTunes so you can buy the music!