Sup, guys? It’s Tuesday!

We all made it through another Monday and now we get to do Monday v.2.0. Tuesday’s aren’t any better, guys. It’s still not the weekend. Let’s spice up this week with some dope new beats, dawgz.

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Tuesday, November 4th

We started the week off a little chill so now we have to pick it up a bit. We can’t just sit around moping because it’s chilly outside!


Our pals over at Kinetika Records are feeling kind and giving away this hot remix from Torro Torro from Riviera‘s last release! Summer’s not over yet! This track is fire Riviera – 40 Theives (Torro Torro Remix) [audio:]

Good afternoon USA!

This is what we’ve been up to the past few weeks at ROBOTIC! I had a long post written up yesterday but never attached the songs to it and posted it. So I just deleted everything I typed and am starting over fresh! I ignored the blog too much last week and there’s way too […]