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ETC ETC + Whiiite + Luniz

Big one today from my fav ETC!ETC! & Whiiite. They beef up a classic that I guarantee you will start hearing in the clubs starting tonight.

Side note, if you’re in Tulsa tomorrow, come out to Electric Circus where you can catch Our Time, Crystal Vision & DJ Kylie for free!

Kid Cedek + ETC!ETC! + 2beeps + April White

Hey! I missed a few days of posting. Oh well. Here’s 2 tracks I wanted to post last week but forgot to do. Have a great weekend! April White – Never Be The Same (2Beeps Remix) [audio:] Kid Cedek & ETC!ETC! – Alarma VIP [audio:]

Wednesdays are party days

It’s Wednesday. We all party on Wednesdays. Here’s some party choons for you to get in to the mood with. Birdy Nam Nam – Jaded Future (Party Favor’s ‘Getting Super Wasted’ Remix) [audio:’s%20’Getting%20Super%20Wasted’%20Remix).mp3] Bro Safari & ETC!ETC! – The Clap (Will Bailey Remix) [audio:!ETC!%20-%20The%20Clap%20(Will%20Bailey%20Remix)%20-%20T&A%20Records.mp3] Krewella – Can’t Control Myself (Candyland Remix) [audio:’t%20Control%20Myself%20by%20Krewella%20(Candyland%20Remix).mp3] Skrillex Feat. Damian […]

Tuesday y’all

Getting some good submissions lately. It’s hard to keep going through all the old emails that are unread when I get new stuff like this to post! Also we just started a contest for Trident gum. It’s super easy to enter and you can win yourself a whole years worth of Trident gum! Think of […]

ETC!ETC! + Spenda C

New choon from ETC!ETC! just dropped today! Get it while it’s boiling hot! ETC!ETC! & Spenda C – In The Bank [audio:]

T-T-Triple Tuesday

It’s MFKING Tuesday and I’ve got the tracks of three different genres for you today! First one is a huge one for our homie ETC!ETC! with his remix collab with Major Lazer! Next is a new filthy dubstep bootleg from everyone’s favorites, diet Proper Villains & last is a new Fare Soldi remix from LBCK […]

The Rise of Moombahton

Another good post that is dug out from the submissions archive. This one was sent to me last October D: That’s how backed up I am on reading emails. Tradition and family run deep in the Moombahton scene. The seasonal Moombahton compilations started by Munchi in the Summer of 2010 kicked off a tradition. As […]

ETC!ETC! + J.Trick

My man, hemorrhoids ETC!ETC!, is giving away his new track for free! How can you beat that?! We’ve got the original mix plus one accompanied by the vocal stylings of Mr. Whiskey Pete. ETC!ETC! & J.Trick – Hold Tha Line (Original Mix) [audio:] ETC!ETC! & J.Trick – Hold Tha Line Feat Whiskey Pete [audio:]

Crystal Vision

Yeah, information pills we’ve posted about Pickled Beets before, but starting today you can download the original mix for FREE! Get over to Crystal Vision‘s soundcloud page and download all the free music! Also, scope out the two new remixes from Crystal Vision (out soon) and the new Skyrunner remix! Pickled Beets by Crystal Vision […]