Triple Tuesday

It’s been a good long time since I’ve done a Triple Tuesday. Heck, I rarely post on the blog much anymore as it is. Why? Eh, I dunno. This morning I decided to look in the inbox to see these three tracks poking out at my eyeballs. They put me in a good mood and I’m just sharing the love, I guess. Everyone grab your coffee and feel da vibes!

Metric + Death To The Throne

Here’s a lovely story from Death To The Throne… the other day i was day i was stranded in downtown phoenix. i was meeting an old friend for lunch when she texted me and said she was gonna be late. so as i’m wandering around aimlessly and telling homeless people i don’t have any spare […]


Two more today. Just trying to keep you all happy until I can get back to normal. Both of the remixers of these tracks are no strangers to this blog. First is another b-more edit from Geoffrey James and then we have a remix from Death To The Throne. Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill (Geoffrey […]

T T T Triple post Tuesday!!!

kids at the bar Death to the Throne sent this picture with the following track which is an awesome summer time banger. Here is what he had to say about the track: “waddup, order i made a new remix. it’s of the lmfao song “la la la.”  i took out all the corny rapping. lemme […]

Death To The Throne

with the stress of making new remixes, ascariasis tracks and learning the guitar solo from ozzy’s “crazy train.” i decided to throw this track together real quick entitled “Dope Nose” . it features one half of the rap duo know as silver medallion. i also included a new picture of me riding a horse. Death […]