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The radio is back online after our day of silence. I hope it went well. Every other station in my favorites in iTunes were silent as well.


Today I’m going to talk about podcasts. Podcasts are really neat. I love podcasts. Podcasts Podcasts Podcasts. I subscribe to a few podcasts too – Diggnation, Mega64, Keith & The Girl, Ask A Ninja, thisisaknife, and so on… I also have a podcast of my own! Well… WE have a podcast of our own. It’s pretty rad. It has only been updated a little this year thanks to the radio being more of a priority to me. The past few episodes have been DJ mixes that you really should check out. I’m posting two of them today. Just for you! Oh, and I am working on a super rad mix that should be done today probably I hope.


John Bourke’s WMC 2007 Mix


DJ Sam Sam’s ‘Sun/BBQ/To The Left’ Mix