Anni – Run Into You

May 6, 2022 by

This song will really resonate. That feeling that Anni talks about here, wanting to avoid your ex while also wanting to secretly run into them is so damn relatable to anyone. I mean literally anyone and everyone. That’s good songwriting – capturing a feeling that isn’t uncommon at all – and putting into digestible form that everyone can absorb.

Elaborating on the topic, Anni said: “This song is about those feelings you get when you run into your ex and the idea that maybe deep down – you wanted to run into them, as much as you don’t want to admit it. I’ve caught myself subconsciously wondering sometimes what that person is doing on a night out, if they still go to that same bar – it’s almost like a high and there’s a craving to continue to chase that high long after they are gone. And that high will eventually get old and those butterflies will go away but at least for myself, I miss those butterflies at times, and end up chasing them in places maybe I shouldn’t.”


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