Natalie Carr – Blood Bind (Feat. Riley)

May 4, 2022 by

Very strong track here, as up-and-coming singer Natalie Carr connects with buzzing singer/rapper Riley on “Blood Bind.” The vibe is as hypnotic as it is addicting, which I guess makes sense considering the topic of the song. Natalie explains:

“Remember those pacts we used to make as kids, when you spit on your hand and shake someone else’s to show that it’s real? Somewhere along the way I realized that this practice was an ancestor of another, more gory one, that involved exchanging blood with someone to show that the deal, or bond, or whatever, could never be broken. When I started writing this song about falling so hard for someone that you know it’ll be life changing and you’ll never really be able to undo it, I thought of that exact phrase, “blood bind.” I wrote the hook stating, “I treat it like a blood bind, baby there’s no take backs, you know that I care too much; can’t tell if that excites you, or makes you want to run to, someone who don’t care enough.” I wanted to elicit the fear that comes with developing intense feelings for someone, like, “oh s*** here I go.” Even if it all ends badly, or it isn’t reciprocated, you’re all in whether you like it or not.”

This feels like a hit waiting to happen – make sure to hop on the bandwagon now!


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